We are heading over to the UK for today’s look at what’s new and hot from Men.com. On their site, Men Of UK, they post up their exclusive videos of some of the UK’s hottest young and new porn stars. In this case we have a helping of two new guys in one new movie, and it is the start of a new series as well; The Law Of Men. The new guys are both hot and cute, in their own individual ways. Topher Dimaggio is a slim, hung and inked guy with black hair who stands six feet tall. Johnny Rapid is slightly shorter, with brown hair and blue eyes and smooth skin. Both guys tell us they are versatile.

The scene opens with Topher Dimaggio getting out of bed and heading for the shower. We get a nice long lingering view around his body, taking in all the sexy tattoos and his long, flaccid cock as the water cascades down his nubile young body. Music plays, he dresses for the office in a suit and tie and, looking like the perfect young solicitor, walks to work. He passes London’s Temple Inn and law courts, he walks into chambers to meet the lawyer who is going to mentor him, as he is a trainee. There’s a great scene here acted with all the quality of an independent British film. The setup runs for a good five or six minutes and it is a while before we get to the action, but that’s just fine. You get more than an average porn film with Men Of UK, and you’re going to love the way this plot is told and unfolds.

But we do get to see Dimaggio meet up with Johnny Rapid, in a bar, and the guys do end up going home together. Here the plot of the story meets up with the sex of the scene, if you see what I mean. The guys start to kiss and undress each other and it’s not long before we are looking at some very hot twink on twink action. Though these guys are more than your average twinks and, considering this is their first gay hardcore movie, they do brilliantly. It’s nicely natural as they swap around and one guy sucks the other. Topher’s darker body contrasts well with the creamy white of Johnny’s young ass, which Topher Dimaggio wastes no time in feeling up and slapping.

But both these guys are versatile and both likes the feel of a hard dick in his ass, so we get the double pleasure of seeing each take it in turns to fuck the other to a cum shooting finale. But then, it’s back to the plot and there is a twist in the tale which leaves us desperate to know what happens next. Will Topher the trainee lawyer get ‘debriefed’ again? And what will happen to cute Rapid? Will he get his day in court, or another day in bed? Tune in soon…

Okay, so how many golf related sex puns can you come up with in the space of a few minutes? Lets’ start with the word Swingers, as in the title of this new movie from Drill My Hole. You swing a golf club, so someone who takes a golf swing is a swinger, and someone who swaps sexual partners is also a swinger, so we’ve got off to a good start. Sorry, we’ve teed off to a good start and we’ve probably taken our first STROKE using a WOOD, and if we’re lucky we will get a HOLE in one. So, there we go, that’s got some of them out of the way.

And why am I talking about this? Because, you may not be surprised to learn, Swingers (part 1) starts off on a golf course, where four guys meet up to go and play a round, and, as it turns out, play around. In this opening episode we’ve got the green eyed blonde boy Topher Dimaggio playing against dark and doable Colt Rivers. After some swing practice on the drive range, with a couple of other recognisable Men.com models, the four guys decide to swap partners and see what happens. Well, the outcome of the match-up and play-off is that Colt and Topher end up driving off together in their buggy and wind up in a room high up overlooking a freeway. (Where do these guys find their sets? They’re incredible locations of hardcore porn.)

And that’s when the fun really starts, the swinging and the playing, the strokes and the balls and the wood and all those puns come into play. As soon as Topher Dimaggio drops his pants and shows us his wonderful, soft, cut and shaved cock we know we’re the ones who are going to be the winners here. The scene starts with this great long slow blow job session as the guys strip down and get naked. When they are both as hard as a five iron they swap around and Topher sucks Colt’s cock a while before things rack up a notch and starts to get harder.

Two fit, hunky and naked guys fucking on the sofa is the next round of hardcore and Topher Dimaggio’s man toy fits Colt’s ass perfectly. Colt rides it, squatting up and down, his own shaft hard and strong. Then he’s ben over doggy style while Topher hooks in from behind. Gripping Colt’s hips he drives in hard and fast, getting faster and harder before flipping his mate over onto his back and pile driving him in, legs in the air. There’s a great explosion of cum from both guys and then, well, it’s back to the showers and time to calm down after this above par, hardcore scene from the legendary Drill My Hole. learn more about topher at his website http://www.topherdimaggioxxx.net/

There’s something about a guy in a tie that’s hot to see. There’s something even more hot to see when you’ve got two hunky guys in ties (there’s a rhyme developing here). And in this case there’s something even hotter than hot to see when you have Dato Foland and Johnny Rapid in shirts and ties in the office. That’s just what we have at the start of The Business Of Sex (part 1) from The Gay Office, one of the sites in the Men.com network. This site takes office sex as its main theme and weaves together movies along the lines of co-workers fucking, sucking the boss, the office junior getting ass-broken in and, as in this case, two hunky office workers both equal in hot looks strength and sex appeal, getting down and dirty together at the desk.

And things heat up even more as the tie comes off and Johnny blindfolds Dato with it as he strokes his chest, runs his hands over his fit body and tempts him further into the dangerous world of sex in the office. The guys know what each other wants though and it’s not long before the hard dicks are out, Johnny sucking Dato as he leans back in his chair. Johnny’ own dick is out and hard as he gobbles down Dato’s fat seven and a half inch cock, gripping it, pecking at it, slurping on it. Dato stands and goes down on his co-worker for a while before Johnny Rapid grabs the other guy’s toned, fit ass and starts to spread his cheeks. The camera gets in close as Dato is bent over the desk, his pink puckered hole on show for all to see, the air breezing round his balls and Johnny’ hot Hispanic mouth clamped round his ass.

We don’t have to wait long before we have hunky Dato Foland bent across his office desk, with Johnny Rapid great cock invading his ass. Both guys are fit, and tough and this is power fucking at its best, with a powerful top hard-banging an equally as powerful bottom guy in a brilliantly shot scene. But these guys are equals, which is why, after a short while, they swap around and Dato bangs Johnny, on his back, over the desk, and the office starts to resound to the sounds of flesh-flesh slapping, guy-grunting and all the noise of hard man action. This is unrelenting anal hardcore here and the banging section of the scene lasts a good length of time. But finally the guys have to release the jizz packed up in their balls. And they do, and it’s almost too hot to see. But see it you must. The Business Of Action is another great scene from the masters of men to men banging and you should make it your business to go and see it.

Within this report two dudes are spending time at home. Flag master belongs to the telephone. Johnny Rapid is able for most fascinating. He pretends to bum her, thrust their lead into his fork. Flag looks required to stop the phone call. The straight guy gets difficult and within seconds his pants is back and things start getting hot. At Str8 to sunny we like watching straight males manage brave issues. Tool is a little piece anxious and uncertain in the beginning but they conveniently updates his or her mind and provides into some severely brave serious move.

The man warms approximately the thought as their cock is served by Jacks starved lips. Both men get nude and Johnny bends across the recliner. He could be are you wanting some fun. Tool offers it him in a steamy anal scene. Jack usually takes Johnny doggy design as well as being apparent that both guys are having fun. Some heated bum going will take sites on top of the equip regarding the settee. The two of these men perform their particular subject from the leather couch again. Johnny gives Jack exceptional go. After he’s prepared sucking his tool you rides they relaxing type. Johnny adores the experience of jack’s hard 9 inches tool.

Port doesn’t forget and it is quickly ramming his 9 inches tool immersed in his/her buddy’s close hole. Not have to taking a little bit of for you personally to undo Jack’s ditch, Johnny pumps that fellow doggy type. Bent throughout the arm associated with sofa, Johnny are loving creating his rear reamed again and again. Later on, still, Johnny is back to offering Jack’s tool a few even more lips move before choosing he would like to rest and mount flag for a bit. Through the appearance of factors, Johnny is nurturing sensation of Jack’s large dick thorough within his butt.

While he travels him or her, Johnny’s possess remarkable cock is flapping and slapping all over the internet without medical treatment. This excellent field goes on and on and on – your two hunks can’t buy an adequate amount of one another.

The latest Gay Men movie from Drill My Hole is an untamed romp known as You Owe me personally. The movie starts in a prison. Youthful Emanuel Brazzo happens to be bad, plus the dark and sexy Trey Turner has arrived to bail him completely. Once when you look at the car, Trey allows Emanuel know that he is furious for having to bail his ass away from jail. The guy rants for a couple moments and next makes Emanuel’s mind all the way down on his uncovered dick. Trey is driving, and threats both of them likely to prison for this work, but has Emanuel provide him a hit task all of the way to his house.

Within minutes the two hunks are in the bed room and having correct right right down to business. Trey features Emanuel continue because of the remarkable strike work and before long Emanuel is drawing on the difficult, eight inches, cut penis for all he is well worth. Trey pumps his cock deeper and deeper down Emanuel’s neck; as Emanuel gags on the monster Trey taunts him with traces like, “You like that big cock don’t you?”, and, “Come on, just take that penis!”

Through the beginning Trey dominates Emmanuel, and the room arena starts with Emmanuel sucking long and hard on Trey’s eight inch cut cock.  Emmanuel gags on Trey’s love muscle mass, but Trey shows no compassion.  Trey taunts his partner with feedback like, “you would like that big cock don’t you?” and “C’mon get that nude men gay videos penis”. Emanuel’s stretched lips ultimately acquire some respite whenever he is actually allowed to rim Trey’s strong ass.  After providing Emanuel’s cock some delightful dental attention, these people dudes get naked and Trey makes a decision it is time for you screw some ass.

Trey drives his tough, heavy dick straight into Emanuel’s butt and provides him a punishing beating.  For the following fifteen minutes Emanuel is actually subjected to some hard and quick gender.  Trey opportunities Emanuel anywhere he loves, and takes him savagely from every direction.  Lastly Emanuel may take no longer, and explodes into a tremendously noisy climax.  Trey comes after fit and shoots his creamy load in a loud and heated run.  These two Latino guys perform all of the right things to switch one another, therefore the viewer, on.  If you love your men macho, after that chances are you Owe me personally is actually for you.

You may keep in head a whilst right straight back we had been referring to this new series, Stepfather’s key, from Drill My Hole. Within the really extremely first scene we Found stepdad, Paddy oBrian, Jolt his stepson, Johnny Rapid, when you look at the bath. Exactly what used ended up being an actually hot older/younger sex world beneath the squirt of tepid water. This brand-brand-new scene is Stepfather’s key, component 2, and entails another younger stepson. Jake Bass is a Men.com beginner generating their extremely first scene. This lovable twink is decked over with tats and has actually now a very gorgeous small butt. The minute oBrian enters the room situations start to burst between all of them.

Right here in this arena all of us have hunky Paddy oBrian together with brown hair, inked complexion and his beautiful and alluring Uk accent which pairs down well with Jake Bass who has an 8 inch penis, great black hair and beguiling bluish vision. They start down by blaming one another for any mess which has ensued before their own focus converts to every different people’ bodies as these people come to be effectively engrossed when you look at the arena. Paddy http://www.paddyobrian.net begins things by feeling up Jake’s ass, which appears very great as we all must admit. Nonetheless, previously long the men are undressing and you’ll find great opinions of them during the topless.

The reality that that is a slow-burner world tends to make all of it the greater amount of attractive and provides a specific allure and side to matters. It requires seven agonising moments before we all have the very first look of cock, although the anticipation tends to make it worth waiting for. Paddy offers an excellent easy mind and judging by Jake’s sounds of understanding, it ended up being well gotten. In addition to this, the dudes invested the following few minutes operating each other’s cocks and only having a great period of things. After slurping walnuts and strong throating one another, these people really begin to get hot beneath the collar.

Subsequently their focus transforms to ramming one another up the ass, as you do in a porn arena. Jake slams him during the dining table real tough, before Paddy reclines with pleasure and attempts to get because much of Jake’s dick inside him because he perhaps can. Paddy moans with delight and provides down every little thing you could envision inside the quest to feel that cock inside him. At some point, Jake expounds cum all over Paddy’s tattooed bod which looks extremely gloopy. There is also a great small big surprise in the end because well. The end of the globe might not be also poor if you’ve got handsome men like this about.  I’m mindful of thirty four even more elements to this superb innovative story.  These people may be discovered on gaypornstarstube.xxx.  The long run of gay porn features now used an exciting twist!useful link

When you look at the current series, Cruising, in the Guys Of UK, we take a stroll on the black and seedy side of cruising. In this picture, Cruising: Episode 2, American created Rafael Alencar is up for some severe cruising in this small part of the UK. This film has all of it – style, a great sound recording, great photography, as well as the hottest hunks when you look at the hottest serious scenes conceivable. The film starts call at black and white. Rafael is parked in the boundary of a woodland. nbsp;Who could be hiding when you look at the forests to capture our guys? Is here likely to be any difficulty? Rafael is chatting while he renders his car and minds to the trees. Jace Tyler parked his automobile directly behind Rafael’s and got away an additional after Rafael departed their automobile. Rafael knows he is being followed and he is happy as to what he knows is soon to transpire between them all.Part three of Men of UK Disconnected is out. This really is a part of a continuous show highlight the trials and tribulations of a webcam porn star, Rafael Alencar. Formerly with this series, Cross, along with his broker Rafael Alencar end up operating out in bed much even more methods than you are able to imagine. In this episode, Rafael is nonetheless present and also this time, Rick Bauer follows him. That is the first movie Rick makes for males.com. Finest attribute is their seven-inch dick in addition to their brownish tresses and blue vision. He appears 5’5” tall. This must be some thing else. Everything starts with Rafael examining up on a webcam person, once the overall performance he saw had been maybe not up to the normal. He’s got a meeting with Ricky and it truly is undoubtedly perhaps not a nice one.

The stage starts with the guys reading through a script. Ty is not pleased as it is a homosexual story that entails no women; he is not delighted to be shooting a homosexual scene. Disquieted, ty wants to call his representative and straight back out of this film, but Rafael Alencar – enter here for http://www.rafaelalencarxxx.com/ – calms him down and describes that this picture could make-or-break their particular careers. He speaks Ty into doing the film and claims the girls should rehearse the scene. With this, Rafael and Ty begin training, beginning with kissing. As they are currently dressed in only their particular dressing gowns and under-clothes, Rafael wastes no time at all in obtaining Ty nude. Rafael requires that monster dick into his lips while eliminating their very own garments and showing their own prick standing up at attention. Rafael fondly provides Ty a blow-job that appears to go on eternally: very first they are standing up, then they have been about the sofa attempting out one location after another. Subsequently Ty chooses to come back the benefit and it is soon deep throating Rafaels dense, tough shaft.

Jace are unable to help it while he launches his load of jizz around Rafaels human body and encounter. At the same time, Rafael pulls out and intends his prick right at Jaces open-mouth. Some jizz goes in Jaces mouth, however a great deal operates over his mouth and down onto his torso – Jace merely licks their lips in enjoyment. Their moans seems to have brought the interest of some body. Are their moans going to get caught with regards to shorts down? Or will they have sufficient time to obtain outfitted and be wiped out before becoming captured? If you’d like to know just how this story works off when you look at the end, mind-on over to Men Of UNITED KINGDOM and inspect away touring: Episode 2 and view it-yourself. You are going to be therefore pleased you performed. get more great free gay porn tube at http://gaypornstarstube.xxx/

{Cody Cummings has attained it again. This intercourse machine is searching for a serious fuck. He is with somebody brand-new because of the name of Andrea Suarez. Cody and Andrea with regards to well tone bodies are lying on a Slumber side by side using nothing however their undergarments. Both males currently have actually noticeable tough ons. After heading a amount of years without seeing an innovative new motion picture from Gods of males, we have actually lastly been served with The Ebony Spot. This Film characteristics among the largest cocks ever noticed on Men.com, therefore it was really worth the long delay. The actually-sexy Cody Cummings has a propensity to Catch one-offs rather than collection. He has showed up in a total of 23 flicks therefore far, using this particular one getting one among the best. Cummings holds an 11.5 inches cock, so it’s not surprising exactly why he is really so common. It operates for about 25 minutes which is the conventional span for hardcore scene.|Cody Cummings is the star of this show, who also carried out in many fantastic videos. Their big cocks are ready to go. The Men react real tenderly towards one another, stroking and kissing their particular hard systems. Cody has assembled a track record of himself and then he has made it huge in the market. In only the final 12 months, he has got handled to capture three pictures with Guys dot-com. Though he’s defined by their hairy self, he gets to capture their Pictures with smooth youthful lads. Their movies have starred him and Ryan Sharp, Tyler Morgan as well as in this film, You can obtain to notice you get get down and dirty with Cody Cummings. In this scene, “The Legacy,” is focused on big cocks in a college environment. There’s nothing left to opportunity, as it comes with great lighting effects and audio along with large production ideals.

In no period equally men are nude. Andrea is cute and muscle. He has a company and well nicely toned human anatomy. His additionally features a big cock. Cody Cummings is similar in assemble and dimensions. His Wang is also on the huge size. The 2 guys begin drawing each various other and performing as like lovers. Quickly they are prepared to do even more than simply touching. He is Furthermore exceptionally sexy various other areas and never ever fails to put in a great program. The picture starts within the Ebony Place with Saxon West, a unique star with red-coloured tresses and an excellent 8.5 inch www.codycummings.net dick. Saxon and Cody are equally inked-up, with Saxon being suit and a bit on the chunkier part. There is definitely no launch or build- as much as begin the landscape. It instantly begins in a darkish room in which Saxon goes right to Cummings and begins kissing him. Various other than simply the banging… Additionally it includes a quick tale. Cody nbsp;takes the Component of an instructor. You really are able to Help but enjoy Hunting at their firm well constructed human anatomy through his Appropriate plus Link. His bushy beard is a turn on and this fits his hairy-carry Appearance Totally.

This will be exactly just what Cody Starts to do and then licks the restricted hole. He receives the gap damp and prepared for a few even more enjoyment. Andrea bends over and enables Cody to enter his Rear. The Men fuck like this for some time and next change to a selection of serious jobs. The entire time theyre fucking theyre Nonetheless kissing and stroking each other. Cummings Starts riming the butt of Saxon and then plays around along with it with his tough penis. Saxon appears that he are able of the length that Cummings is Showing, but anybody just who sees this Videoclip may gasp when Cody makes the huge penis in to Saxon’s gap. That’s as soon as the fuck Application Really starts. Cody Cummings often times draws his dick all of the way away and then slams it back in again and again. While Saxon is Getting drilled, he’s Furthermore playing with his own tough cock till he can’t hold it any longer. He whips around and unloads their trash all over Codys sexy human anatomy. At that stage, the picture decreases and gets a Modest calmer, which places a more personal atmosphere. discover here

After a lengthy time Johnny Fast is in the cellphone speaking with their love, Jimmy. . Johnny Rapid learns one thing in the background and it feels like someone is Trying to kidnap his boyfriend. Johnny is nervous and locations a phone call towards the authorities. It offers been four times since he last heard from Jimmy and he is Actually Worried. He calls in Tom to support the research. Tom managed to establish a stereo system and also obtain ids that look similar to the authorities. The two guys hit the city and begin their own search. In addition to the, you believed about undressing and getting into the bath and not doing anything however, your most outrageous Fantasies. Johnny is stroking their gay porno cock as Shane watches from right beside him. Shane would like to get a hold from it but is reluctant. He really does perhaps not require to ruin any possibility he might have and frighten Johnny away. Before the stroking happen Johnny ended up being telling Frost about his partner and simply how horny he is as they’ve not already been as active while he would like.

Maybe this didn’t occur, but with the brand new Gay Porn in school you can revive that dream and it’ll certainly make you feel a good deal much better. In essence, it could be rather difficult to reproduce the free gay porn picture in your thoughts and it also is some thing which can allow you to definitely be very enamoured aided by the scene. Brad Kavlo is the old and wizened piece that is the object of Fasts wants who is able to Actually make Johnny Rapid go Disturbed with lust. He recommends that they turn on some straight pornography. The movies come out to be on the web on a tube. There’s an unanticipated shock for Johnny. He could be caught and servant possessors. He will be offered into white slavery and purchased by Tom to be his gender slave. The 2 guys are now alone in an area filled with digital cameras. Jarce takes the direct and begin to just take Tom#8217;s fabrics away. Tom happens to be nude and Johnny Rapid is beginning at his difficult, lengthy dick. He Demands this huge dick also starts to deep-throat it.

The smooth youthful twink starts maintaining the larger old man and there are plenty comparisons which may be created here: little and enormous, old and youthful, smooth and hairy… Consequently numerous issues to compare, which truly add the picture a specific authentic feel. He appreciates it Proper away. Johnny is into having their tremendous dick sucked by Shane and does not request him to avoid. Shane will continue to pull Johnny as the porno retains enjoying. Johnny Actually likes it and before he understands what precisely is happening Shane is jump is butt up and down away from his dick. Tom loves this a great deal he strips Johnny Rapid down and takes his dick in the lips. The guys take turns sucking each other. Johnny Swift moves onto Ben#8217;s tight ass and starts to lick their gap in planning for exactly what is after that. He functions his tongue around the opening as well as Additionally goes inside and outside. The activity advances to the locker area exactly where Brad and Johnny Really do get down to it and perform with each various other. Rapid gets drilled by his master and there is a particular energy fight taking place which is very thrilling to watch.