There’s something about a guy in a tie that’s hot to see. There’s something even more hot to see when you’ve got two hunky guys in ties (there’s a rhyme developing here). And in this case there’s something even hotter than hot to see when you have Dato Foland and Johnny Rapid in shirts and ties in the office. That’s just what we have at the start of The Business Of Sex (part 1) from The Gay Office, one of the sites in the network. This site takes office sex as its main theme and weaves together movies along the lines of co-workers fucking, sucking the boss, the office junior getting ass-broken in and, as in this case, two hunky office workers both equal in hot looks strength and sex appeal, getting down and dirty together at the desk.

And things heat up even more as the tie comes off and Johnny blindfolds Dato with it as he strokes his chest, runs his hands over his fit body and tempts him further into the dangerous world of sex in the office. The guys know what each other wants though and it’s not long before the hard dicks are out, Johnny sucking Dato as he leans back in his chair. Johnny’ own dick is out and hard as he gobbles down Dato’s fat seven and a half inch cock, gripping it, pecking at it, slurping on it. Dato stands and goes down on his co-worker for a while before Johnny Rapid grabs the other guy’s toned, fit ass and starts to spread his cheeks. The camera gets in close as Dato is bent over the desk, his pink puckered hole on show for all to see, the air breezing round his balls and Johnny’ hot Hispanic mouth clamped round his ass.

We don’t have to wait long before we have hunky Dato Foland bent across his office desk, with Johnny Rapid great cock invading his ass. Both guys are fit, and tough and this is power fucking at its best, with a powerful top hard-banging an equally as powerful bottom guy in a brilliantly shot scene. But these guys are equals, which is why, after a short while, they swap around and Dato bangs Johnny, on his back, over the desk, and the office starts to resound to the sounds of flesh-flesh slapping, guy-grunting and all the noise of hard man action. This is unrelenting anal hardcore here and the banging section of the scene lasts a good length of time. But finally the guys have to release the jizz packed up in their balls. And they do, and it’s almost too hot to see. But see it you must. The Business Of Action is another great scene from the masters of men to men banging and you should make it your business to go and see it.